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Many of the stories you will read here contain the names of Dennis Hartnett and Wendell Nope, whom you see above gobbling down some Frog Legs we had just caught. Many of the legends you will read herein contain the characters Sostan Thibodeaux and Willie Boudreaux. These names and characters may or may not be the same individuals. Even the most fantastic parts of the stories are true. The legends may or may not be true. Regardless, they are all fun to read.


Giant Bullfrog - Brain Concussion - 125lb Bass - Gator 'Rassler - Great Slingshot War -

Quicksand Pit - Bumblebee Assassin - Hornet Sting - First Deer Kill - Fire Escape Caper -


Willie & Sostan - Ol' Tooth - Ol' Snag - Alcoholic Snake - Cajun Water Skiing - Mighty Hunters -

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