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Just The Facts K-9 Deployment Report #1 Enhanced
This is the same K-9 Deployment Report, with "true" enhanced information that came to light after the initial report was written.


This Canine Team responded to assist patrol units in arresting the suspect who was wanted for auto theft. Patrol units attempted to stop the suspect at _________ Boulevard South and _________ Expressway. The suspect fled and the patrol units began pursuing him.

During the pursuit the suspect fled at very high speeds from the officers who had their emergency lights and sirens activated. This constitutes Felony Fleeing by state statute. The suspect showed no regards for the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. On two occasions, the suspect's vehicle while at high speed came within ten feet of pedestrians on street corners. The suspect also traveled northbound in the southbound lanes of I-____ nearly causing multiple accidents. During most of the pursuit the suspect traveled between 50mph and 100mph with the vehicle's lights off , even though it was the middle of the night. This gave no warning of impending life-threatening danger to the pursuing officers or even to innocent citizens when the suspect's vehicle would swerve into oncoming traffic. The suspect also rammed Officer _____'s vehicle with seeming disregard to Officer ____'s personal safety. This recognized as a use of deadly force and seriously increased the risk of injury to pursuing officers and citizens. He continued this aggressive and highly dangerous driving until his car was ultimately disabled via a special device called a "Stop Stick" which has hollow nail-type spikes that cause the tires to go flat. In spite of flat tires, the suspect continued attempting to drive in this hazardous fashion until his vehicle crashed in the _____ block of ______ Avenue.

Immediately after the vehicle crashed, multiple patrol officers approached the vehicle. I also approached, with "_____" on-leash beside me, in case the Canine was needed. I positioned myself just behind the line of officers and between two of them so that I had a clear view of the suspect.Upon the officers approaching the vehicle the suspect was ordered to show his hands which he did. The suspect then suddenly and aggressively dropped his hands in a manner that appeared that he were trying to grab something. At this moment, I felt that the suspect's movement could very well be an attempt to acquire a weapon, possibly a handgun. I perceived a distinct and immediate risk of possible serious injury to the patrol officers and myself. To diminish the possibility of the suspect brandishing a weapon, and for the safety of all officers involved "_______" was deployed into the caras an effort to prevent a possible deadly force encounter. The Canine did as I commanded and physically engaged the suspect. The suspect began to strike "______" numerous times in the head with his fist, in spite of the fact that "______" had a firm grip on one of the suspect's upper arms. I issued multiple orders to the suspect to show me his hands, which he did after about six commands. The suspect suddenlystopped all movement, kept his hands high and "______" was commanded to release the grip and return to me. "_____" responded immediately to my command. No sooner had "_____" returned to my side than the suspect suddenly lunged sideways and attempted to exit the vehicle through the passenger window. As he did so, he looked downward onto the front seat area his hands dropped below my field of view. The motion appeared to me as if he saw something and was grabbing for it. I feared he was making an attempt to acquire a weapon and either escape or confront us with it."______" was once again deployed into the vehicle and engaged the suspect before he could reach out of the vehicle with his hands. The suspect succumbed to the Canine's effort to subdue him and surrendered. Immediately upon determining that the suspect was not armed and was indeed surrendering,"_____" was commanded to release the grip on the suspect and return to me. "_____" responded immediately to my command. The suspect maintained his surrendering behavior and was secured by patrol officers.

As a result of the suspect's actions during our attempt to arrest him, he sustained minor punctures to his head and both arms. EMS personnel were on the scene by the time the suspect was removed from the vehicle and I called them over to the side of the road where the suspect had been secured.The suspect was treated at the scene by the EMS personnel who bandaged the minor punctures. They stated his injuries were minor enough that an ambulance was not necessary. Accordingly, the suspect was placed in a patrol car and immediately transported to ______ for a detailed medical evaluation.

Sergeant _______ was advised of the incident and responded to the scene just prior to the transport. I advised him of the sequence of events and we reviewed my actions throughout the incident. We also reviewed the car-cam video of the incident from the two patrol units that were facing the crashed vehicle. Between the two cameras, all my actions could be viewed. Sergeant _______ advised me that as far as he could tell at the moment, each action I took was within the parameters outlined in department policy. Prior to submitting this report I filled out a K-9 Use Of Force document, the conclusion of which also supports my actions as being within department policy. I was not injured in this encounter, but "______" received veterinarian treatment for a lacerated eyelid and a bruised right eyeball. The veterinarian stated that she believes "_____'s" will not go blind, although the Canine's vision does seem to be seriously affected at this time. The white portion of his eyeball has numerous broken blood vessels and is obviously painful. Photos of the Canine's injury are attached to this report.

Law Dog 2008 Pages - Expert Witness Pages - Main Page

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