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Just The Facts Report #2
This is the narrative section of an actual K-9 Deployment Report. The names have been omitted for anonymity.

On ________, approximately 0140 hrs I was at ______ on an unrelated detail. Deputy _______ and myself were contacted about a situation brewing in the parking lot.

I observed several subjects in an argument and they began to disperse as we approached. I contacted [complainant] who advised that the subject later identified as [perpetrator] was threatening him as was [perpetrator's] girlfriend. While I continued to try and speak with [complainant] I could see and hear [perpetrator] yelling obscenities and threats. I asked Deputy _____ to stay with [complainant] while I contacted [perpetrator].

I told [perpetrator] to come speak with me, but he walked away. [perpetrator] was with a group of people and I again asked him to come to me. [perpetrator] asked if I was speaking to him and I advised him that I was.

[perpetrator] approached but so did the large group he was with. I tried to speak to [perpetrator] alone but the group continued to follow. [perpetrator] got right in my face and began to verbally challenge me. I tried to distance myself but he crowded me and continued to be verbally abusive.

Due to the large group that [perpetrator] was with and his aggressive behavior towards me, I placed [perpetrator] against a wall with his hands up and began to frisk him as he faced the wall.

While I was attempting to frisk [perpetrator] his girlfriend came up and was yelling at me. I told her to back up repeatedly, but she did not comply. I told her to back off and stop interfering or she would be arrested. This seemed to enrage [perpetrator] who came off the wall.

[perpetrator] got in my face again and began threatening me again. I noted the odor of an alcoholic beverage on [perpetrator's] breath. [perpetrator] asked did I want some of him. I advised [perpetrator] at this point that he was under arrest for Disorderly Conduct.

[perpetrator began to pull away from me and we began struggling. [perpetrator] tried to push me away and in doing so he hit me in the chest several times. [perpetrator] then grabbed me around the waist as I attempted to gain control of him. He picked me up and carried me about 20 to 25 feet and was attempting to throw me on my back on the ground.

I released K-9 _____ from my patrol car which was approximately 100 feet away via my remote door opener.

I was able to get my feet on the ground and was now attempting to push [perpetrator] to the ground. A citizen attempted to help me subdue [perpetrator]. Deputy ______ also attempted to help subdue [perpetrator] who was not complying with commands and continued to struggle.

K-9 ____ arrived and contacted [perpetrator] in the right bicep/shoulder area. After K-9 ______ seized [perpetrator] he surrendered and ceased his assault and resistance.

[perpetrator] was taken into custody.

I spoke with [complainant] who advised he had witnessed [perpetrator] assault me.

Deputy _______spoke with two other independent witnesses who observed the assault on me.

[perpetrator] was transported to _______ emergency room where he was treated for his dog-bite injuries.

I photographed [perpetrator's] injuries.

While at the hospital [perpetrator] repeatedly apologized for his assault on me and stated that he should have just cooperated. [perpetrator] stated that he works all of the time and this was the first time he has been out in a long time. [perpetrator] stated he just lost control and wasn't thinking about what he was doing.

Law Dog 2008 Pages - Expert Witness Pages - Main Page

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