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VSK Rules
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The VSK is designed to provide an exhibition of Government Working Dogs performing their official functions, simulating reality as much as possible within the constraints of a stadium environment. The intent is that citizens get a chance to observe the K-9's in action, yet in an entertaining manner.

Only bona fide government personnel with officially-assigned dogs may participate. As a courtesy to, and to honor their past service, retired K-9 personnel/dogs may also compete.

International VSK Rules
Prepared by Wendell Nope, 5 February 2007

The VSK (Vielseitigkeit Pruefung) is an actual government certification that declares the competency of a police service dog in the disciplines demonstrated. The VSK may be utilized as a competition and the VSK Title may be awarded to each competitor completing the event with an 80% score. Places may be awarded as follows.

First Place = Overall highest points
Second Place = Second highest points
Third Place = Third highest points
Fastest Officer = Fastest time on the 400m run
Fastest Dog = Fastest time on the pursuit (marked 50 yards)

The following is a text version of the VSK Trial Regulations for this event.

  1. The Handler/Dog start on the track at the 50-yard line and run together (Heel Position) once around the track (400 meters).

  2. The Handler/Dog enter onto the field at a designated point and jog to the first of several obstacles placed between midfield and the goal-line.

  3. The Dog is commanded to negotiate a one meter hurdle and return to the Heel position as the Handler jogs to the next obstacle.

  4. The Dog is commanded to negotiate an A-Frame obstacle and return to the Heel position as the Handler jogs to next obstacle.

  5. The Dog is commanded to negotiate a crawling obstacle (tube, etc.) return to the Heel position as the Handler jogs to the goal-line.

  6. The Handler/Dog assume a position in a simulated Tactical Team (SWAT-Type uniforms/gear) just in front of the Rear-Guard, on signal from the Team Leader, the Team advances to a position of cover (SchH Blind).

  7. The Team Leader gives a hand-signal for the Handler/Dog to move forward to the front, the Handler/Dog then move up beside the Team Leader and kneel, a simulated suspect (Helper in bitesuit) then appears from the middle Blind, fires several shots, drops the weapon, and flees to midfield.

  8. The Handler deploys the Dog, the Dog pursues (50 meters measured distance) and engages, the Handler/Team follow at a proper pace with weapons in targeted position, the Dog's time over the 50 meters is determined by stopwatch.

  9. While the Dog is engaging, the Tactical Team & Handler approach and cover the suspect (this is a deviation from standard police protocol, but is done for the sake of public demonstration only).

  10. The Handler calls Dog back to the Heel position, ending the scenario.

  11. Once the Dog is in the Heel position, the Handler/Dog leave the Tactical Team and Heel together to a designated point in front of grandstand, salute the crowd, and await the score (also to receive applause from spectators).

Judging will be configured as follows.

  1. 400 meter sprint treated as a Heeling exercise = 15 pts

  2. One meter jump = 5 pts

  3. Climbing wall = 5 pts

  4. Crawl = 5 pts

  5. Tactical Advance, including reposition to front of Team = 20 pts

  6. Pursuit & engage = 25 pts

  7. Verbal Release & Finish = 25 pts

  8. Total = 100 pts

  9. NOTE: A Dog must be neutral to Tactical Teams to pass

  10. NOTE: A Dog must release its grip by the third command to pass

  11. NOTE: A Dog must pass #10 to receive a place or award

  12. VSK Titles may be entered into Handler/Dog Scorebooks. Certificates with VSK Title may be issued to Handler/Dog w/o Scorebooks.

Minimum logistics for the above proposal are as follows:

  1. Competitor numbers, (Same as Sport Dog Trial);

  2. Stopwatch for 400m Handler sprint and 50m Dog sprint;

  3. One meter hurdle (same as SchH Trial);

  4. A-Frame (same as SchH Trial);

  5. Crawl obstacle (tube, etc.);

  6. 3-4 officers in Tactical gear (goal line);

  7. Helper (Bite-Suit or SchH protective gear);

  8. Blank-gun and blank ammunition;

  9. Bio on each Handler/Dog to be read during the 400 meter sprint;

  10. Narrator familiar with police functions to describe the different exercises in the scenario and their functionality;

  11. EMS (same as Sport Dog Trial)

  12. Support personnel for obstacle setup/takedown, etc.

This competition provides non-stop action for a period of approximately three minutes, at which time a new competitor may be announced. With this time frame, flights of Government Dogs can be time-calculated between flights of Sport Dog competitors, with minimal setup and takedown time.

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