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1970's Just The Facts
Sample Report

This text is from an actual deployment report.

In the beginning years of what we now term as "The Era of Modern Law Enforcement," a prevailing concept ruled report-writing. This concept I'll nickname "Just The Facts." Officers were discouraged from inserting their feelings, perceptions, and observations ... and were counseled to stick to the "facts" of the incident. This was also in an era wherein law enforcement officers were looked upon as emotion-less and almost robotic, and in some jurisdictions it was not uncommon for citizens and courts to believe that cops getting beat-up or injured or even shot at was "part of the job." For example, in these years it was a common feeling that an officer should wait until a gun was pointing at him/her and the trigger being pulled - before engaging defensively. This image of law enforcement officers and "facts only" concept has been slow to evolve.

2008 Same Incident
Sample Report

This text is enhanced with actual Handler observations, etc. which came to light after the initial report was written.

With this presentation, I hope to change evolution into revolution. A K-9 Officer should now write a report - especially if the K-9 engaged the suspect in the capture process - with the Judge or Jury as the audience. Observe how the same incident reported in Just The Facts is now articulated for the court.

Threat Elements
A list of issues to articulate

What makes the difference between Just The Facts Report #1 and the enhanced version is that the threat elements which the K-9 Handler faced in the incident are articulated. These elements include feelings, perceptions, and circumstances which caused the K-9 Handler to react the way he did. By articulating the threat he experienced, he provides the Judge and/or the Jury with a sequence of events they can visualize. The handler's intent is to cause them to see the events through his eyes so they can understand why he did what he did. By understanding his view of things, they are more likely to internalize his actions as their own. In this way, they can support his position and the actions he took as being reasonable.

1990's Just The Facts

Group Exercise Report

This is a group exercise. Please submit your ideas on how the original report could be enhanced with more details, feelings, etc.

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