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The Utah Department of Public Safety Dive Team participates in a variety of Public Service activities. The following photos and descriptions present some of the activities the DPS Dive Team have participated in.

These two photos were taken at the International Sportsman's Expo in Salt Lake City. The DPS Dive Team was asked to have a booth at the Expo and also to make a presentation with one of the Divers in a huge fish tank.

The top photo shows Sgt. Jeff Nigbur giving a lecture on the DPS Dive Team, its functions, etc. and Diver Jeff Arbon geared up for the crowd to see. The bottom photo shows Diver Arbon inside the fish tank with all the fish, who weren't so glad to see him initially. By the end of the presentation they were swimming all around him, realizing that he wasn't there for lunch.

This was a unique and incredibly beneficial public demo, as the PA system was linked into the DPS Diver Comms. Diver Arbon would field questions from the audience and the youngsters were especially impressed that they were able to talk to the Diver and ask him questions.

The booth was set up with the Side-Scan Sonar and the Sector-Scan Sonar units right up front where the passers-by could touch them and ask questions. Poster-sized enlargements of interesting deployment photos were also there, as was video footage of the Dive Team in action. Numerous people were interested to hear the DPS Dive Team personnel discuss the Strawberry Reservoir Deployment and other successful deployments that the sonars had been used in.

All in all, this was one of the most gratifying public interactions we have been a part of. The citizens' expressions of appreciation validated our efforts in providing this valuable service.
This photo was taken of a father-daughter team who participated in the 2010 Special Olympics Polar Plunge at Deer Creek Reservoir on 20 February. There were numerous participants who took the plunge, taking over an hour for everybody to get their turn. The DPS Divers were in the 36F water for well over an hour. The ice was over 12" thick and the wind was blowing, creating a frigid wind chill for the people as they exited the water. Although I got fairly cold, it was well worth it, watching these athletes being so brave. Here's a neat video of the event taken by a local news journalist. Polar Plunge 2010
The DPS Dive Team provides surface support to Triathlon swimmers at numerous events in Utah. This is a very interesting experience, although there never has been an incident in which a Diver has had to splash for a victim. The Sector-Scan Sonar is prepared so that if a swimmer goes under the tripod can be quickly dropped and the victim located. Then, the Diver can make a hasty recovery and offer the victim the best chance for survival. Triathlon Swimmers
This photo was taken of a Special Olympics athlete jumping into the frigid water at Deer Creek Reservoir during the 2009 Polar Bear Plunge. The participants dressed up in different costumes and then jumped in the water. They have guts because I don't know if I could do it easily. We were there to make sure everybody made it out of the water OK.
This photo was taken of a local news journalist, Nicole Hunter, who attended one of the DPS Dive Team training sessions to "... see what it is you guys are about ...." We launched our DPS Allmar boat in Strawberry Reservoir and introduced her to the Side-Scan and Sector-Scan sonar units. After an hour or so, she donned our gear and submerged with me. We spent a few minutes orienting her to underwater communications and she loved it. Once she got comfortable, the comms system was uplinked to the TV station. She conducted her newscast while hanging onto the downline and me videoing her. The video was uploaded on-site to the station and the entire thing was aired as if live. This gave her a taste of the work we deal with and also was quite educational to the citizens. Nicole Hunter Underwater Newscast

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