Wendell Nope Cave Diving Pages
Ricks Spring Photos 6 October 2009
* All photos courtesy of Josh Thornton *
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Beautiful passageway beyond the first dry cave.
Awe-inspiring main passageway.
The huge crack at 300' past the first dry cave.
Curious shaped rocks on the cave floor.
Moving carefully in the bedding plane near the end point.
The end (as of today) of the diveable passageway.
This extraordinary waterfall at p2300' is aptly named "Vestal Falls" and is over 20' high. It could not be more beautiful if it had been designed by a master artist ... or rather, Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all! This sight alone makes the arduous effort to get here worth it all.
The beginnings of soda-straw formations.
More fascinating formations.
Stalactites are "icing on the cake" for Ricks Spring cave divers.
Photos just cannot capture the actual beauty here.
These formations require thousands of years to develop.
This "shelf" has become gloriously adorned..
These speleotherms create a surreal atmosphere.
Each formation has its own unique qualities.
Special Thanks to Josh Thornton for these amazing photos.

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