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Underwater Photography is not a form of diving I ever thought I would get into. For several years I thought it to be a namby-pamby type of diving, for those who couldn't do big dives or were "Pretty Fish Divers." However, as I began to enjoy and even cherish the photos and videos of others, I realized I had lost numerous opportunities to document sights that few people get to see. That's all it took. Here are some of my more memorable photos and videos. Enjoy.

These bones are found over 1200' back in an underwater cave in Florida. This cave has never been a dry cave and one may wonder how the bones could have gotten there. Investigation on the matter revealed that long ago there was a sink above this site and over the centuries the sink closed up. Historically and geologically, this is fascinating.
This turtle and I spent some minutes together at 175' depth on a coral shelf on the slope at Grand Cayman. He was munching on a deep water sponge and took little notice of me. When he had a belly full he leisurely swam right past me and then off in the distance. This is one of the coolest underwater experiences I have had.
This Sand tiger Shark and over a dozen like him provided me with the dive of a lifetime on a shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina. The sharks are fish-eaters and have not harmed a diver to-date. Many hundreds of divers have had big-animal encounters like this on the North Carolina shipwrecks.
This photograph is of a small Leopard Shark that somehow got into a lobster trap offshore of Catalina Island, California. I assisted the shark out of the cage and it was so weak that it took several minutes to regain enough strength to swim. This event was very touching to me as the shark's fellow citizen on the planet. As I did this, I wondered how many sharks and other marine animals die because of man's traps and nets.
This starfish caught my eye due to its unique colration. I took several shots at different settings to get this correct image.
I used a close-up setting to get right up to this anemonae. It is actually only about three inches across. I love the colors.
This is my diving buddy, Richard Lamb, giving one of his ear-to-ear grins after we had a fun experience somewhere. I've forgotten where, but I get this smile often as we have had some great times together.
This is a message that one will find some 1500' back in a Florida cave. When I saw it, I was competely taken back. Although I have since learned the cryptic meaning of this message, I became a bit uneasy at the time ... not knowing if this was a genuine warning of some "procedure" that I was unaware of!
I really like this photograph. It is clear and sharp and colorful. It is taken in Madison Blue Spring, Florida. It's curious how a particular image can have a strong impact on someone.
I did not take this photo but I was there when it was taken. These Sea Lion pups were more thrilling than words can describe. Photo courtesy of Craig Ramon.
This Sea Lion pup and his buddy were hanging out around the photographer. They showed this behavior on multiple occasions. Photo courtesy of Craig Ramon.
Those are the cutest "Doe Eyes" I have ever seen. These Sea Lion pups offer a big animal experience that is hard to beat. Photo courtesy of Craig Ramon.
You can see the true innocence of animals in this photo. This is a truly fascinating shot. Photo courtesy of Craig Ramon.
The natural curiosity exhibited by these Sea Lion pups is amazing and exciting. Photo courtesy of Craig Ramon.
This Sea Lion pup seems to be expressing "Yes, I'm beautiful!" Photo courtesy of Craig Ramon.

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