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Just The Facts Report #1
This is the narrative section of an actual K-9 Deployment Report.
The names have been omitted for anonymity.

This Canine Team responded to assist patrol units in arresting the suspect who was wanted for auto theft. Patrol units attempted to stop the suspect at _________ Boulevard South and _________ Expressway. The suspect fled and the patrol units began pursuing him.

During the pursuit the suspect fled from the officers who had their emergency lights and sirens activated. The suspect showed no regards for the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. The suspect also traveled northbound in the southbound lanes of I-____ nearly causing multiple accidents. During most of the pursuit the suspect traveled between 50mph and 100mph with the vehicle's lights off. The suspect also rammed Officer _____'s vehicle and was ultimately stop-sticked and crashed in the 3800 block of ______ Avenue.

Upon approaching the vehicle the suspect was ordered to show his hands which he did. The suspect then aggressively dropped his hands. For the safety of all officers involved "_______" was deployed into the car and engaged the suspect. The suspect began to strike "______" numerous times and was ordered to cease. The suspect stopped and "_____" was released. The suspect then attempted to exit the vehicle through the passenger window. "______" was once again deployed into the vehicle and engaged the suspect. The suspect succumbed to the Canine and surrendered. "_____" was released and the suspect was secured by patrol officers.

As a result of the engagement the suspect sustained minor punctures to his head and both arms. The suspect was treated at the scene by Rescue and transported to ______ by patrol.

Sergeant _______ was advised of the incident and responded to the scene.

UPOA 2011 K-9 Pages - Expert Witness Pages - Main Page

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